BIOenergetic Modeling Approach for Sargassum dynamics

BIOMAS is a 4 year project (2023-2026) funded by ANR and FACEPE (Brazil). It focuses on the dynamics of the three morphotypes of pelagic Sargassum of the Tropical Atlantic, through in situ monitoring, experiments and modeling. The aim is to improve our understanding of the biological causes of the proliferation.


    July 2023, Leo Berline (MIO) met Daniel Robledo (CINVESTAV) and colleagues in Merida to prepare experimental work

  • Kick Off Meeting

    KO meeting was held on March 21st, online, with MIO Léo Berline, Thierry Thibaut / MARBEC Christophe Lett, Philippe Cecchi, Judith Klein LEMAR Laure Pecquerie, Solène Connan /UFRPE Paulo Duarte Neto / UFPE Alex Costa da Silva CINVESTAV-Merida Daniel Robledo, Román Vásquez-Elizondo / Univ Nangui Abrogoua, Allassane Ouattara